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Cavan Keane

28 years old from Queens and Newburgh, New York. Looking to work as an actor and soon producer within the Adult Entertainment Industry. Very passionate about it, and want nothing more; except Hotel Manager at a fantastic NYC hotel, haha. These pictures from a self shoot at Hotel Shocard in Times Square, New York.  



My photos for you!  



Colour my day! I feel so good in pretty colours!  



I love showing off my huge cock & ass. You know you wanna be fucked by my hard pole or I can take yours deep in my ass. Either way please masturbate to me & I love comments! Thanks!  



I like to pee and wet my underwear.  



Hey dude! My bulge for you. Hope you like.  



Bulges R Us.  



Just checking to see if there are any horny guys/couples up for some play in Reno Nevada. Here are some pics I took last week to let me know, I’m still working on staying in shape.  



I love posing in & out of my underwear!  



My recent pics. I’m into almost anything, except defecation. I like to rim, be rimmed, suck cock, eat cum, facials (last week seven guys came all over my face, it was crazy). I also like it to be pissed upon, the more piss the merrier. I love bareback sex, and love cumming inside others, and […]