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Hope you like the new ones.



Here’s a couple of photos. I will send a more complete set in a day or so, with some discription. “I hope these photos don’t upset your viewers (who may be accustomed to viewing cocks, hardons, and butts, but I just love high heels and nylons, stay-ups, pantyhose and lingerie, and just can’t seem to stop wearing them on a daily basis, whether in bathhouses in Toronto, Ontario or at home.



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Nasty slut. Tranny loves to pose.



Soft side. Me dressing up to go out. You think I’ll get luck and some big dick will have my ass?



Big toy for a naughty boy!



Just warming up.



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Hard cock and cum leakage finale. Final pics of this thread. The first one has my cockhead inflated…it needs a hot mouth sucking on it. The next few are pics of my EXTREMELY hard cock. The last few are juicy ones of cum leaking from my dick from all the massaging my ass was getting with the wooden handle. Happy stroking!




More Smileys! I’d like to see some of you in socks and various shoes, boots…etc.